Bear Creek's Miniature Dachshunds has been breeding and specializing in mini dachshund dogs and puppies for nearly 30 years. We are located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We breed for temperament, conformation, and our goal is always to better the breed. Puppies are all handled and loved from a very young age. All of our puppies are socialized starting very early and are accustomed to being around children of varying ages. We have a 5 acre ranch that is perfect for our dachshunds. All of our dogs have room to roam and are not kept in small cages. Our puppies all go home with AKC limited (pet) registration, current shots/dewormings and genetic health guarantee. Puppies are sent home with a Science Diet small bites puppy food kit. We do not sell to pet stores, puppy brokers, or puppy mills.  

Dachshunds come in three coat types and two different sizes. The coat types are smooth, long, and wire. They also come in miniature and standard sizes. We raise miniatures, however it is not uncommon to have a "throwback" where a puppy from two mini parents grows to be standard in size since miniature dachshunds all were originally standard. The dachshund breed is very easy to maintain and care for. Dachshunds have a long life span and can easily live more than 15 years. Dachshunds are confident, playful and make excellent family pets.